Who doesn’t love Kelly Starrett?!?

For those of you who don’t know who Kelly Starrett is, I’d say it’s in your best interest to figure out who he is. If you do know who he is and you don’t love him, there’s something wrong with you. Kelly, owner of San Francisco CrossFit and Doctor of Physical Therapy, is one of the most captivating, engaging, and knowledgeable people I know. And one of the most humble as well. I’ve had the privilege of hearing Kelly speak on a couple of different occasions, with the most recent being this past weekend at CrossFit Santa Cruz. The topic of discussion…”Training the Injured Athlete.”


As a trainer and athlete, not only have I had to learn to deal with injuries of my own, but I find myself constantly working with athlete’s injured in some form or fashion. KStar really helped to break things down logically and in a way that made total sense. More to come in future posts on the valuable nuggets of wisdom taken away from this weekend, but, bottom line…

KStar is bad ass!


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