Logbook for Monday, April 4, 2011


A. Power Clean – 3,3,3; rest 5 min
This went really poorly. I was really sore from the Saturday. Started at 115(3), then jumped to 135…could only do 1. Rested a bit and attempted it again and got 2. Decided that today was not my day for cleans. I decided to rest for a bit before attempting the rest of the workout.

B. Power cLEan x 1/Split Jerk x 2; rest 4 min x 3
This went much better. Went down to CFSD and did this there. Much better. Went 115(1/2);135(1/2) and then 145 (1/2)!

C. Chin Ups wtd – 3,3,3; rest 4 min
Went 10#(3),12.5#(3), then 15#(3)! PR!



HSPU practice – 5 min
– worked on HSPU skills and drills with Aush from CFSD…

wall walks x 5
rest 1 min x 3
– holy crap these were hard…
box jumps – 14″ fast x 6; rest walk 30 sec x 4
took me 6 secs for each

muscle ups – 15 min practice
– worked with Aush on Muscle-up drills…he says I have the strength, just need to work the strength through the transition more. Worked a controlled decent from the bottom of the dip to the top of a pullup (mu negative). Going to work various aspects of this for a while to try to get the transition nailed.

back ext’s
20 x 3; rest 1 min
– 25,25,23


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