Logbook for Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A. Press – 5 x 5; rest 3 min

65(5),75(5),75(5),75(5),75(5) – Last set was really tough…

B. chin ups – build to a 1RM

15 db, 20db, 25 plate, 27.5 plate, 30 plate (fail)

C. 85% of part B; 1 attempt amrap

Read this wrong and did AMRAP kipping PU’s…got 27 pullups! Goal was 30 but felt really good with these!


Wow, it’s been a long training day. So spent a couple of hours with Coach B this afternoon.

We started out with my starting position. He had me starting with the bar over my toes and more on the ball of my feet, then sweeping back to my heels as I pull the bar in. This was very different than what I am used to doing, which is starting with the bar a lot close to my chins and my weight very much on my heels. Coach B said that I am a back lifter and that my legs are weak.

Next we worked Front Squats. My grip was way narrow, so we widened that up to a thumb and finger width outside of the knurling (I know this doesn’t matter to you, but it will help me when I’m looking back at my notes). Worked up to 65kg (143 lbs) and noticed that I lead up with my butt a lot. Went down to 120-126.5 and worked on leading with my chest. Did 1 front squat on the minute every minute for 5 minutes at 57.5KG (126.5 lbs). Then he had me do the same thing, but with arms out like Frankenstein. This way, if I drove up with my butt, the weight would fall forward. Did 5 more, 1 on the minute every minute for 5 minutes.

Then we worked cleans. Worked with the new starting position and wider grip. Cleans looked pretty good overall once I got used to the new position and kept my chest coming up with my hips, not after. Will try to get the video of them and send them your way.

Next we worked Split Jerk. Worked positioning. My biggest issue was that I land with my back leg straight which causes my pelvis to tilt. We worked position by walking out to the bottom of a lunge and coming up, then jumping out to that position, then added weight and worked full jerk with focusing on keeping that position.

Overall a great training day at Coach B’s. I am going to try and make weekly visits to him, most likely on Wednesday afternoons if my schedule can accommodate it.


After I got home, I did the Sectionals WOD. It was really hard, especially after all of the squatting at Coach B’s. I got 90 reps, but with only 10 seconds to spare to even attempt a MU. Saturday I should be fresher, so hopefully I’ll have more time to attempt at least 1 MU, but at least I have a score down and know what to expect for Saturday.

Also, here are the videos of MU attempts yesterday. Keep in mind I’ve been doing a lot of drills, these are just my attempts.

Video 1: http://youtu.be/ANskn9gtwfQ
Video 2: http://youtu.be/o2Ng6RvZ3fI
Video 3: http://youtu.be/vfzZNTn2Jgk


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