Logbook for Saturday, May 28, 2011

Well, I lifted in my first ever Olympic Weightlifting Meet today. I had a blast!

Here’s how my lifts went.


43kg (94.6#)
46kg (101.2#)
48kg (105.6#)

Clean & Jerk:

59kg (129.8#)
62kg (136.4#)
65kg (143#) – failed lift – pressed out a little at the top

I felt pretty solid in all of my snatches. I LOVE that lift. Probably could have gone heavier but this was my first meet and I was staying super conservative.

Felt really good with all of my cleans, it was the split jerks that started to get me a little bit. Regardless, I love lifting. It was so much fun to go out there and test myself. Coach B put me with an amazing coach, John Kaupp. He helped me with warming up, last minute pointers, where to start and what numbers to go to next. It was great having someone there to help guide me.

Getting set to clean...
Ready to Jerk...


After the meet, I took off to go visit my friends at CrossFit Newport Beach for their Grand Re-opening. Spent some time working on my MU with the help of Aly Willier. I am getting closer to getting my MU, just got to keep practicing. Here’s a video that we made for me to practice with. I actually almost got my muscle up, but I feel like Aly gave me a little boost. Either way, it got me fired up to keep working on it.

3 eggs, 1 banana

In between Snatch and C&J:
1 apple

Carne Asada, beans and rice

An hour later:
Mix 1 protein drink

Burger with bacon and avocado, lettuce
1 beer

large steak
3 glasses wine


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