Logbook for Sunday, May 29, 2011

3 eggs, raw butter, 1 banana and 1/2 cup blueberries (had a little extra carbs to see how it would help with training)

Quad Espresso w/ little bit of coconut milk

My good buddy Linda came down to visit me from Huntington Beach with her coach and another friend. We started out the morning with the following:

1k Run -> 4:13 (Untitled by trishdavis80 at Garmin Connect – Details.)
This run was horrible…almost lost my lunch after I was done and that doesn’t happen often. I went out a little too fast…I was way ahead of all three of them, but they all three ended up beating me.

Rested 20-25 minutes

1k Row -> 3:51.5
Felt really good on the row…paced it well.

After this, Neil (Linda’s coach) decided to have us work on our grip strength. We loaded up with 50# rucksacks and farmer carried 2-1.5 pood kettlebells down the hill by my house about 800m. We took turns at each intersection carrying the KB’s.

Linda and I after our beastly KB ruck down to the beach...

Afterwards, we went to lunch.

Burger w/ blue cheese, bacon, avo, no bun
2 beers

Afternoon workout solo:

DL @ 185lb.
Box jumps @ 24”

Time: 4:45 – took way too long…hips were sore.

2 eggs w/ raw butter


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