Logbook for Tuesday, June 7, 2011


3 eggs w/ raw butter, banana
first day no coffee

AM Workout:

30 min swim Z1- every 5 minutes perform 10 strict push-ups before continuing
– swam a few laps underwater, freestyle…went back and forth…tried to keep it mellow and at a Z1 level

Mid-morning Snack:

1 slice turkey
2 spoonfuls of almond butter


3 eggs w/ raw butter, 1 apple, 6 tbsp almond butter

Have a really bad headache today…started around lunch time…

PM Workout:

A.Snatch;; x 3; rest 4 min
Started out with the bar, worked to 65#, then started work sets at 85#. Knee started bothering me really bad on the 2nd set. Decided to stop snatching…did a few Snatch Grip Deadlifts instead.

B.HS hold; x 20 sec(+10 sec eccentric upon completion); rest 40 sec; x 5

C.Dips; x 2-3; x 3; rest 2 min
3, 3, 3

Mid-afternoon snack:

3 small chicken thighs
1 8 oz coconut water

Early dinner:

1 chicken thigh
perfect foods almond bar

Felt like hell from 12PM onward…could not wait to get home and get in bed…


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