Logbook for Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wake: 7:30AM; Sleep 6.5 hours (not enough)
Weight: 140.0

DHEA 10mg


A.Deadlift x 3; x 8; rest 2 min
185(3),195(3),205(3),215(3),220(3),225(3),230(3),235(3) – Deadlifts were HEAVY!!

B.Press; x 5,5,5; rest 2  min
10 T2B
Jump switch lunge-AMRAP in 30 sec
rest 2:30 actively; x 3
R1: 47s (27 JL’s)
R2: 46s (26 JL’s)
R3: 47s (23 JL’s)

Breakfast 8:30AM:
3 eggs in raw butter, 1 banana

Supps: 1 scoop Max Fibre, 1 Max Liver, 2 Max Glucose, 2 Max Energy

Wisdom Day #2 (All Day – 10AM-8PM)

6 shot espresso (probably a little much)

1PM: Snack
1 chicken thigh, 1/4 acorn squash, broccoli/asparagus

Lunch @ 2PM:
Large steak and small salad w/ feta cheese at Iranian restaurant

Supps: 2 Max Energy

5PM: 2 shots espresso (definitely not needed)

9PM: cheese plate and cheese burger w/ bacon at 3rd Corner
2 glasses red wine

Supps: 1 Max Liver

Bed: 11PM

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