Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Breakfast @ 7:30AM:
3 eggs cooked in EVOO
1 banana

Venti Americano (1/2 regular/1/2 decaf) w/ coconut milk and cinnamon

Skyping with James today to get back on the wagon with my fitness. Took a couple of months off and haven’t been able to stay consistent on my own.

Snack @ 9:46AM:
Couple of Mrs. May’s Almond Coconut clusters (Ingredients: Almonds, Rice Malt, Coconut flakes, Evaporated Cane Juice, Sea Salt)(Nutritional Info for that amount: 7.5g Fat, 5g Carbs, 1g Fiber, 3g Sugar, 2g Protein)

Fish Oil @ 9:52PM: ~10g EPA/DHA

Lunch @ 11:50AM:
2 Medium sized chicken thighs seasoned with Lemon Pepper seasoning and cooked in EVOO
1 Large Orange Bell Pepper raw
Almond butter (approx 1 cup)

Amy & Brian’s Coconut Water w/ Pulp (19g Carbs, 10g Sugar, 42mg Sodium)

6:45pm: Had 1 large free range chicken thigh w/ EVOO and 1 bag of Mrs. May’s Cashew Clusters (55g Fat, 10g Sat Fat, 200mg Sodium, 55g Carbs, 5g Fiber, 15g Sugar, and 20g Protein) en route to evening meeting.

1/2 of head of steamed broccoflower (broccoli and cauliflower had a baby)

Now @ 11:42PM:
The other 1/2 of head of steamed broccoflower

Sleep last night was 7 hours (not enough, and tonight’s not going to be much better)


Trained @ 2:30PM:
Run 200 m @ 90% – fast out of gates, pace after 100 m
walk rest 1 min x 3
Run 400 m @ best 3K pace
rest walk 1 min x 4

0:48 (uphill);0:41(downhill);0:46(uphill)


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