October 14, 2011


6.5 hours (11PM-5:30AM)


Breakfast @ 9:45AM:
3 eggs cooked in EV Coconut Oil
1 banana

~3g EPA/DHA Omega Swirl Fish Oil

Venti 1/2 decaf Americano w/ Coconut cream and cinnamon

2 Glucose
2 Energy
1 Liver

Post WOD Snack:
5 Tbsp of Sweet potatoe/banana mixture
1 coconut water

Harvest salad at Lotus w. blackened chicken (lettuce, grilled bell peppers, green onion, eggplant, squash) and balsamic vinegar dressing

Snack @5:30PM:
5 cashew clusters

Snack that turned into dinner @ 6:30PM:
Remainder of bag of cashew clusters


Max Vertical Jump – 3 attempts, max inches rest 3 min Row 1K time trial

14.5″ vert

3:51.2 – 1k row (goal was 3:40…guess I overestimated myself a bit)


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