Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sleep: 1AM-11AM (1o much needed hours!!)

Eggs w/ a little cheese, 3 slices of bacon, fruit bowl and vanilla nut coffee at Pipes

Pre-Training Snack:
Other 1/2 bag of berries and nuts mixture

5 oz Wild Halibut fresh from the market
3/4 head of cauliflower

Couple scoops of butternut squash

A. Freeze box jumps to 24″ box (From a quarter squat, explode up into
the jump without recoiling) 20 jumps, step down and rest 15 seconds
minimum between jumps

B. Power clean 2×5; rest 2 min
115(2);125(2);130(2);135(1-failed on 2nd one twice);135(2)
frustrating, I know I have more power than this…just didn’t feel good with technique…need to work that more.

C. Back squat 3×2; rest 2 min
felt strong with these…funny, back squats actually make me anxious (don’t know why), but I’m excited to be feeling stronger with them.

D. Weighted chin ups wide grip pronated; 3×5; rest 2 min
2.5(3);5(3);7.5(3);10(3);12.5(3)…getting stronger here I feel like, but still need more…

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