Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sleep: marginal…got 7 hours (10:30PM-5:30PM)

3 eggs w/ EVCO
1 banana (Surprise!!…I know this breakfast is so shocking!)

1/2 decaf Americano w/ coconut cream and cinnamon

After Gymnastics: 16 oz Coconut Water

6oz Wild Halibut
2 cups roasted brussel sprouts from Whole Foods (so yummy!)

Red Roiboos Tea

After yoga: 2 larabars

After weight training: 16 oz Coconut Water

After teaching class: Nibbled on macadamia nuts

6 oz Lean Grassfed beef w/ butternut squash
2 small steamed sunburst squash

3 workouts today and I was HUNGRY!! Long day and really tired…


Started off the morning with my first gymnastics class…this class was pretty tough…definitely a different type of workout and one that I need. I WILL conquer HSPU’s and Muscle Ups…

Mid-day Restorative Yoga session at The Nest in Solana Beach with some of my girls…I don’t recommend trying to hold poses after doing an hour of gymnastics training…I was so fatigued but in a good way.

Afternoon training:
I really wasn’t sure where I was going to get the energy for this but I got it…not a bad training day either.

A. Depth jumps from 6″ step to 24 inch box (drop off step, keep ground
contact time as low as possible, jump to box, step down from box) 20
jumps, rest 15 seconds minimum

B. Power snatch×3; rest 10 seconds bw singles, rest 2:30 bw
sets (85-93%1rm power snatch)

Used 85# for the snatches…felt a little slow but got them all.

C. Back squat 5×2 (increase weight from last week); rest 2:30


D. Weighted chin ups (mixed grip) 3×4 alternating per set; rest 2 min

10(R-sup,L-pro),12.5(R-pro,L-sup),15(R-sup,L-pro),17.5(R-pro,L-sup)(failed on third PU)

funny how our thoughts control our actions…the thought went through my head with the last rep of 165  back squat, “holy shit, that last one was hard, you might fail” but I quickly turned it around and said “nope, you got this” and made it. Last pull-up, I thought “wow, i know i’m tired from all of the pulling i’ve done today, this last one is probably not going to happen” and guess what, it didn’t. had i have acted quick enough to turn that thought around I could have possibly made that last pull-up…conquer the mind…

Off to conquer some sleep…


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