Thursday, October 27, 2011

10:15PM-5:40AM (almost 7.5 hours)…didn’t want to wake up
8:15AM-11AM (2 hours 45 min nap) out cold…

3 eggs cooked in EVCO
1 banana

5 slices bacon!!
3 eggs cooked in bacon grease

1/2 decaf americano w/ coconut cream and cinnamon

During lifting snack: 16oz coconut water

7 oz grassfed ground beef w/ EVOO
1/4 butternut squash

Snack at Toastmasters: 6-7 handfuls of mixed nuts w/ raisins and little chocolate pieces


A. Depth jumps from 6″ step to 24 inch box (drop off step, keep ground
contact time as low as possible, jump to box, step down from box) 20
jumps, rest 15 seconds minimum

B. Push jerk @31×2; 3×3; rest 3 min
105(3);115(3);125(2 -failed on 3rd)

C. Back squat 3×2; rest 3 min

165(3);180(3)!!! This is definitely a PR…getting stronger in these!

D. Weighted dips 3×5; rest 2 min (increase weight from last week)

5(3);10(3);15(2-failed on 3);15(3);17.5(2-failed on 3)


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