Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sleep: 7 hours (10:30pM-5:30AM)…need more

5 slices of BACON!!
3 eggs cooked in bacon grease
1 banana

1/2 decaf americano w/ coconut cream and cinnamon

Lots of Eggs w/ sausage and spinach at The Pancake House

2 max energy

Snack (I was at Starbucks and starving…poor planning)
2 bags of Fruit and Nuts (each bag had 190 cals, 11g Fat, 20g Carbs, 13g sugar, 4g Protein)
1 Larabar (220 cals, 13g Fat, 24g Carbs, 18g Sugar, 3g Protein)

Venti Passion Tea

1/2 Fried Duck with Steamed veggies at Bangkok West Thai (the fried part wasn’t that great, but I was out and unprepared)


AMRAP in 10 mins:
10 Burpee Box Jumps 20″
20 Back Extensions
10 Toes to bar

started at the back extensions, completed 4 rounds + 5 back extensions


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