Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sleep: 9PM-7:30AM (10.5 awesome hours)

first thing in the AM
A. Depth jumps from 6″ step to 24 inch box (drop off step, keep ground
contact time as low as possible, jump to box, step down from box) 20
jumps, rest 15 seconds minimum

B. Power clean 1×5; rest 2 min (build to a max effort on the day); rest 2:30
125(1);135(F);135(1);137(F);137(F) – not sure what’s going on here…maybe not warmed up enough or not awake enough

C. Back squat 2×2; rest 2 min

D. Weighted chin up medium pronated grip 3×3; rest 3 min
10(3);15(3);17.5(2-failed on 3)

5 slices bacon
3 eggs in bacon grease
2 persimmons

1/2 decaf americano with coconut cream and cinammon

1 chicken thigh w/ EVOO
1 asian pear
3-4 scoops of almond butter

mid-afternoon snack:
1/2 bag of cashew clusters

lemongrass chicken with steamed veggies at Bangkok West Thai (pretty sure the sauce wasn’t that great for me)


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