Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sleep: 11PM-5:40AM (6 hrs, 40 mins)

4 egg scramble with feta (first cheese!!),peppers, onions, broccoli, and bacon

Venti Americano w cc and cinnamon

Post workout: coconut water

Pork with avocado cream sauce and cilantro with veggies at Miguel’s

1 banana bread larabar
1 chicken thigh


A. 2 legged hurdle jumps (from two feel, coil and jump over a high
hurdle, land) 20 jumps; 15 seconds rest minimum bw jumps

B. Power Snatch: Build to a tough single in 3 heavy sets
95(1), 100(1), 105(F), 105(F)

C. Back squat 5×2 (increase from week 2); rest 3 min
165(5)(ugly),155(5) – right QL really tight…

D. Weighted chins supinated medium grip 3×5; rest 2 min


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