Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sleep: Daylight Savings Time ends (We get an extra hour!!) 11PM-6:30AM (8.5 hours)

Breakfast scramble w. feta, roasted peppers, avocado, broccoli

Venti americano w/ coconut cream and cinnamon

Pei Wei (Caramel Chicken)
Grande Americano w/ H&H

Assorted cheese plate
Chicken House Salad at Wine Steals

A. 2 legged hurdle jumps (from two feel, coil and jump over a high
hurdle, land) 20 jumps; 15 seconds rest minimum bw jumps

Used 26″ hurdle

B. Power clean 3×3; rest 3 min

115(3);125(3);135(3) – not feeling very strong with power cleans lately

C. Back squat 2×2; rest 3 min

D. Find a 1rm weighted chin up (medium pronated grip)
Failed at 32.5#…made 30#!

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