Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Woke up around 5AM to coach. Breakfast was 2 eggs with an Americano with HWC.

Worked out with Jo at 7AM

2 mins of Row (cals)
2 min rest
2 mins KB Swing
2 mins rest
2 mins Burpees
2 mins rest
2 mins Situps
2 mins rest
2 mins Row (cals)

Rowing machine monitor was broken, so can only assume I got around 35-40 cals
63 KB Swings
32 Burpees
64 Situps

Lunch was early around 10:30, had some hangar steak and Mac nuts.

Feeling a little down and just mentally exhausted, so took a Mid afternoon nap for 2 hours

Snacked on some mac nuts and SFH fortified shake with coconut milk just before pm workout.

Push Press
Started at 85(3),95(3),105(3),110(3), then failed on the 2nd rep of 110, so 110(1), then one more attempt and failed on 3rd, so 110(2).

Then worked on Headstands and balance. Rolled out, a lot.

Mac nuts

2 pieces of salami w. cheese

Bed around 11:30PM…


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