Friday, January 27, 2012

Got to sleep in this morning, and really did take advantage of it…
went to bed around 10:30PM and woke around 10:15AM. Neck was still super stiff, but not quite as bad as yesterday. Tamer is AMAZING and his work is definitely helping.

Breakfast was 3 eggs in olive oil and my usual americano w/ HWC

Glory somehow talked me into going for a dip in the ocean, so I did. 15 minutes in 57 degree water…a little shocking at first, but it felt AMAZING! And, funny thing, my neck hasn’t bothered me nearly as bad since that dip.

We went for coffee after and I had another Americano (decaf this time) w HWC and a bag of nuts and fruit.

Ended up skipping lunch, not on purpose, but just ran out of time.

Coached 4PM with some awesome athletes, then did my own little workout. I decided to do the 10 Minute Capacity Test that Steph was redo’ing today. Here’s what it is:
As many reps and calories as possible in 10 minutes:
4 minutes cals on the rower
3 min pullups
2 min back squat at 0.75 body weight (110# for me)
1 min Shoulder to Overhead (95#)

This was pretty brutal…hardest part for me were the pullups. Here were my totals:
64 cals
42 pullups
17 Back Squats (could have done more here, just being a wuss and resting too much)
11 Jerks (could have probably gotten a few more here too)

Then, dinner at, yep, you guessed it, Urban Plates!!
Urban Steak Salad
with a green tea

Then I cheated a little bit…
1/2 pint of sea salt caramel gelato…yep, i did…shhhh

Then, nibbled on some of Glory’s roasted brussel sprouts and broccoli…hopefully she won’t notice some of it’s gone…

Off to bed, resting up for the big morning tomorrow…can’t wait!


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