Sunday, January 29, 2012

Woke up a few times, but finally woke around 8:30AM. Slept pretty well, but neck was stiff and legs were achy when I woke.

Went and had breakfast at Pipes:
Sausage scramble with cheese, avo and a little bit of banana on the side
Coffee with half and half

Steph and Dan traveled up from the land of Chula Vista and we went to the beach for the now daily ice bath. It’s so refreshing to get in the ocean, especially knowing it’s still January!!!

Then, Rimel’s for dinner, grass-fed burger with blue cheese, and sweet potatoe fries (YUM!)

Home, a glass of wine, now off to bed…ready for the week ahead!

inspiration for the wall at my new place... (thanks Steph!)

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