Monday, January 30, 2012

Woke up at 4:30AM to coach, breakfast was 3 slices of bacon with 2 eggs, yum!
Venti Decaf Americano w. HWC …going to go decaf for a while

came home and thought I’d take a little nap…little nap turned in to big nap and I ended up sleeping from 8AM til 11:30AM.

Lunch was more hangar steak (roughly 10oz)

Went to train at Invictus where I could work on muscle-ups and such…

did the competition workout:
Two sets for max reps of:
Unbroken Muscle-Ups
Rest 90 seconds
L-Sit (Max Hold – in seconds)
Rest 90 seconds
Strict Handstand Push-Ups
Rest 90 seconds

just worked mainly on MU technique, still don’t have them
L-Sits were 26 and 22 seconds
HSPUs were 5 negatives on parallettes with at least a 4 sec decent

Four sets of:
Deadlift x 3 reps
Rest 3 minutes
(build to a heavy triple)

Decided to use the trap bar for my deadlifts today…my back is still bothering me and this would put it in a little better position. Also, it would allow me to load myself just a bit more. Still not the same as a deadlift though. Went 185(3), 225(3), 245(3), 265(3)

Five sets for max reps:
30 seconds of 155/105 lb. Ground to Overhead
Rest 90 seconds

Luckily Calvin decided to do this with me…would have been a little lonely otherwise…

7/5/6/6/6 = 30 reps – need to get better with speed…overhead became the issue here.

Post-WOD 1/2 yam was delish…

Then, diet kinda goes out of whack…
went to Jimbo’s, got some Laughing Giraffe Pinapple/Macadamia Macaroons…ate 6 of them before the 5:30pM class and the other 2 after….not good…
also had a blueberry combucha with them before class…

3 slices of bacon for late night dinner…and a half a glass of coconut milk…


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