Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Got to sleep in today since Glory taught classes…I know it won’t be long before these days don’t come around anymore…

Woke and had 2 eggs with 5 slices bacon

Met Laura at Starbucks and helped her set up her new website…it’s looking good! Had a decaf Americano w/ HWC while we worked.

Then, off to see Tamer, worked on my back a little and then my right shoulder…definitely starting to feel better…

Went home to get my new Reebok Oly Shoes and mini-hard ass Rumble Roller!!! So excited to try my new shoes!!

Went to CFA a little early to try and get my workout in…
Invictus Competition WOD from 1/31

Weighted Pull-Up
In 8 attempts or fewer, build to a heavy single.

Worked up to 30# with pronated grip…

Three sets for times of:
1000 Meter Row
25 Pull-Ups
15 GHD Sit-Ups
Rest 6 minutes

only had time to do 2 sets of this, but it sucked nonetheless…6:32 and 6:48 were my times I believe…

Coached 5:30 then had an Intro to CF at 6:30pm. So much fun when there are lots of people in class and when someone new starts CF!!

Got home, steamed broccoli with Coconut aminos and a glass of wine, and posted the blog…

Bed at 10:30pm…

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