It’s On…Next stop, Figure Competition

25484_NPC-News_050-800x588Guess what!?! Yep, you guessed it, I’m doing a Figure Competition.

This is something that I never thought I would find myself doing. At first, I would never have thought that I would be in good enough shape to do one, and since finding CrossFit, doing a fitness competition would have been so taboo…seeing as how many bodybuilding movements are considered sacrilege in the CrossFit world (bicep curls, anyone?).

Well, after training for 8 years now improving my “functional” fitness, I’m taking a break from focusing on the functional aspect, and turning my attention to aesthetics. Yep, I’m going to see just what I can do with this body!

You’re probably wondering what provoked this shift. Let me fill you in…

After the Open this year (the CrossFit Open for those of you not familiar with CrossFit), I decided it was time for a change. Fortunately for me, I train at San Diego Athletics, which just so happens to be the first gym in San Diego to offer group Bodybuilding classes. I thought the Bodybuilding classes would be fun, and I thought it would be a great way to get stronger during my CrossFit “off-season.” (P.S. In just a short 2 month period, I’ve already accomplished the goal of being stronger). Around about the same time I started the Bodybuilding classes, Bryan Boorstein, my trusted coach and co-owner of San Diego Athletics, decided he was going to do a Physique Competition. He blogged about his progress and over the past two months I have watched his body go from a well-muscled hunk of a human to a lean, chiseled, I can see every vein in your body, fine specimen straight out of an anatomy book human.

It’s incredible what the human body will do with the right stimulus.

This leads into my plan of attack for the next five months. My goal is the November 7 2015 Ultimate Warriors NPC event here in San Diego. I’ll be working with Bryan to prepare regarding nutrition, training and cardio. There will be a few exceptions for a few of the “female specific” things like which bikini to wear, but overall, Bryan will be my go to guy. So, here’s the plan…


I currently weight 156 lbs (give or take), bodyfat percentage was 21.9% (hydrostatic) on May 31, so I assume I’m somewhere close to that today. I currently eat approx 2174 cals (156g Pro, 230g Cho, and 70g Fat) for training days and 1754 (156g Pro, 125g Cho, and 70g Fat) on rest days to maintain my current bodyweight. Bryan thinks I’ll need to get down to about 10-11% bodyfat, so that will be somewhere around 20 pounds of bodyweight (probably somewhere around 15# fat and 5# muscle).  One of my biggest priorities throughout this will be to hang on to as much muscle and burn primarily fat. This will be challenging, so dialing things in as we go will be essential.

Starting June 8, my caloric and macro breakdown will look like the following:

Training Days (I am categorizing these as days where I do at least 2 of the possible 3 activities (cardio, walking and lifting)):
1734 calories
156g Pro
165g Cho
50g Fat

Non-Training Days:
1764 calories
156g Pro
150g Cho
60g Fat

Our goal is to lose ~1 lb week (3600 cals), so with food alone, I’ll be dropping roughly 400 cals/day, which should put me around a 2800 cal deficit each week…


I’ll need to burn at least another 800 cals per week to achieve the goal of ~1 lb per week, so our plan of attack is to add in cardio and walking.

Lifting – I’ll keep doing Bryan’s Bodybuilding program as usual, with possibly some supplementation of additional lifting. This will likely shift closer to the show, but for the first 2-3 months this will be the plan.

Cardio – I’ll need to do cardio 4x week where I burn between 250-300 cals.

Walking – I’ll walk 7x week for at least 45 mins (burning somewhere between 250-300 cals)

Since the cardio and consistent walking will be additional from what I normally do, ideally I’ll be exceeding my goal of 3600 cals/week, and will be hitting somewhere around 5550 cals/week (2800 from food, 1750 from walking and 1000 from cardio) total. This should put me well over the 1 lb/week target, so after a few weeks we’ll see how my weight loss is going and adjust accordingly.

Other Factors

Obviously other factors that I haven’t mentioned are sleep and stress. My goal is to keep sleep above 8 hours, ideally 9, every night, and keep stress to a minimum.

Allright, so that’s the plan! I’ll be posting my workouts and daily stats on here daily, and will post before pics once I have them. I will update with more thoughts and any changes to the plan as they come up!

Game On!


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