Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sleep, Vitals and Nutrition:

Previous Night Sleep: 10:30 PM – 7:15 AM (8.75 hrs)
Bodyweight: 152.4  lbs

Supplements: Now Probiotic-10 25 Billion (am), Wobenzym (3 am, 3 pm), ATP Mechanix Pre (am) and Post-Workout (before bed), XTend BCAA’s (during/after workout)
Caffeine: Y

Caloric Intake (cals): 1611
Protein (g): 150
Carbs (g): 167
Fat (g): 50

Water Intake:  ~20 cups (Woo hoo! 2 days in a row!)

Stress (1-10): 2


Walking: Beach walk to Beacon’s and back (2.7 miles, ~165 cals)


A. RDL’s; 15-12-9
B. 3 sets of (resting 15-30 secs between movements):
15 Bent Over Barbell Rows
20 Wide Grip Big Chest Assisted Pullups
20 Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns
20 Band Face Pulls
went 53-73-83 on the rows
C. 3 sets of:
Barbell Bicep Curls x 15
SUPERSET with DB Hammer Curls x 10
went 33-43-53 on the BB Curls and 20# on the Hammer Curls (little too heavy, cheated a good bit)

D. 3 sets of:
20 Hanging Oblique Knee Raises15 Lying Leg Raises with Hip Lift at top


40 mins on the Airdyne at a low intensity (~100-110 bpm)

Calories Burned: 255 cals

Overall Energy throughout the Day:

Pretty good energy today. Did well making it through the day on a little less food. Saved up alot of my carbs and fat for dinner.


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