Friday, July 10, 2015

Sleep, Vitals and Nutrition:

Previous Night Sleep: 10:30 PM – 6:15 AM (7.75 hrs)
Bodyweight: 149.0  lbs (looks like last weekend caught up with me)

Supplements: Now Probiotic Defense (1 am, 1 pm), Wobenzym Plus (2 am, 2 pm), ATP Mechanix Pre (am) and Post-Workout (before bed), Xtend BCAA’s (before/during training), Fish Oil (2.4g)
Caffeine: Y

Caloric Intake (cals): 1724
Protein (g): 159
Carbs (g): 172
Fat (g): 44

Water Intake:  ~12 cups

Stress (1-10): 3


Egoscue: Y, 2nd Rolfing Session

Walking: Walked to Nytro Sports and back via streets (~2.11 miles, 130 cals)

Lifting: Leg Day

A. Back Squats – 3 x 5-8 (Double Progression)

Did Zombie-arm Front Squats to start working on developing a little more strength in my quads. Used 123#, went 8-8-8.

***Double progression means that once you can achieve all 3 sets of 8 with same weight,
then add weight next time and work back up to 3 x 8 before adding weight again.

B. Split Squats (rear foot elevated) – Reps 15-12-9 (Increasing weight each set)
***Choice of DB/KB, Front rack or Back rack with barbell

Back Racked BB; 33-63-73

C. Alternating Lunges – Accumulate 75 total steps in 4-6 sets
***Load the movement in a DIFFERENT manner than how the Split Squat was loaded

went 3 sets of 20, 1 of 15; used 95# Front Racked BB

D. DB Thrusters – Reps 15-12-9 (increasing weight)


E. Accumulate 40-50 reps of SINGLE leg DEFICIT calf Raises PER LEG (load as desired)

used the 26# KB, did 5 reps each side alternating for 50 each leg.

Lifting Session Calories Burned: ~550

Cardio: Hills Sprints

10 sets of ~100m hill sprints, walking rest back down the hill

Cardio Session Calories Burned: ~320

Overall Energy throughout the Day:

Pretty exhausted after today…energy was still good throughout most of the day.


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