Friday, July 31, 2015

Sleep, Vitals and Nutrition:

Previous Night Sleep: 10:15 PM – 6:30 AM (9.75 hrs)
Bodyweight: 147.2 lbs

Supplements: Now Probiotic Defense (2 am, 1 pm), Wobenzym Plus (2 am, 2 pm), ATP Mechanix Pre (am) and Post-Workout (before bed), Fish Oil (3.84g), One A Day Multi-Vitamin
Caffeine: Y

Caloric Intake (cals): 1769
Protein (g): 163
Carbs (g): 168
Fat (g): 50

Water Intake:  ~15 cups

Stress (1-10): 3


Egoscue: Y

Walking: Walked to North San Elijo Beach Parking lot and back (4.43 miles, 254 cals) and walked to and from Physical Culture to train (1.43 miles) (97 cals there, 146 cals on the way back)

Lifting: Chest and Tri’s

A. 5 sets SUPERSET
Close Grip Bench Press x 6-10 reps
DB Pull-overs x 12 reps

used 113# for the CGBP; made 8-8-8-7-8 reps
for DB Pull-overs, went 12 reps increasing — 30, 35, 40, 45, 50

B. 3 sets SUPERSET
Bodyweight Ring Dips
Deficit Pushups with 45# plates x 12 reps

For Ring Dips, went 9-6-6; pushups were broken up, usually 4-2-2-2-2

Lifting Session Calories Burned: 263

Cardio: SDA Conditioning

Conditioning Day:

A. 10 min to Work up to heaviest weight for UNBROKEN complex:

8 Deadlifts
6 Hang power cleans
4 Thrusters

went 63#, 83#, 103#

B. With 60% of the weight achieved in part A,
Complete 10 Rounds “For Time” of complex,
(Rest as needed between unbroken rounds)

Completed in 8:54 with 63#. Played around with work/rest scenarios:
First 5 sets, did 1 set then rested 30s (36s, 31s,30s,34s,33s)
sets 6-8, did 1 set then rested 20s (32s,32s,32s)
sets 9-10, did 1 set then rested 10s (33s,34s)

***20 minute time-cap

C. For Time:

Run 800m
Row 1000m
Assault Bike 1.5 miles

Rowed 1000m in 4:05 (sucked…used to be a lot better at rowing)

Cardio Session Calories Burned: 312
Total Calories Burned: 1072

Overall Energy throughout the Day:

Low energy today…


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