Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sleep, Vitals and Nutrition:

Previous Night Sleep: 8:30 PM – 5:15 AM (8.75 hrs)
Bodyweight: 146.2 lbs

Supplements: Wobenzym Plus (2 am, 2 pm), ATP Mechanix Pre (am) and Post-Workout (before bed), Fish Oil (3.84g), Athletic Greens (2 scoops in the morning)
Caffeine: Y

Caloric Intake (cals): 1700
Protein (g): 156
Carbs (g): 166
Fat (g): 51

Water Intake:  ~18 cups

Stress (1-10): 3


Egoscue: Y

Walking: Walked to North San Elijo Day Pass parking lot and back (4.6 miles, 434 cals)

Lifting: Chest and Tri’s

A. Bench – 6 x 5-8 (double progression)

did 6 sets at 113#

B. Dips – 4 x 5-8 (add weight or scale as needed to hit rep range)

used 10#, went 8-6-5-3

***Double progression means that once you can achieve all 3 sets of 8 with same weight, then add weight next time and work back up to 3 x 8 before adding weight again.

C. SUPERSET two movements x 3 sets:
6-10 reps Incline DB Flyes (heavy)
SUPERSET – Incline Barbell Bench Press x 8+ reps
Rest 2 min

used 25#’s for DB Flyes (10 reps each set), used 83# for 1st set of BP and got 10 reps, dropped the weight down to 73# and got 8 reps on 2nd and 3rd sets

D. 3 sets of MAX REPS Push-ups
***If you can do over 8 reps, add difficulty by elevating feet,
using parallettes, or adding weight to back

8-9-10; went wide-hands elevated for scaling up just a bit

E. SUPERSET two movements x 2 sets:
Incline DB Tricep Extensions x 10-12 reps
SUPERSET each set with max unbroken Bench Dips
(perform bench dips on a box, b/c benches are being used for the Inc Tri Ext)
Rest 2 min

used 35# for 1st set of DB Tri Ext, 40# for 2nd; 13 bench dips 1st set, 11 2nd set

F. FST-7 Front Raises

used 5#/hand on first 5 sets, then 8# on last 2 sets

Lifting Session Calories Burned: 436

Cardio: Walked to and from Physical Culture 101

1.46 miles there (130 cals) and 1.42 miles back (140 cals)

Cardio Session Calories Burned: 270
Total Calories Burned: 1,140

Overall Energy throughout the Day:

Good energy throughout the day!


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