Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sleep, Vitals and Nutrition:

Previous Night Sleep: 10:00 PM – 8:45 AM (10.75 hrs)
Bodyweight: 140.8 lbs

Supplements: Wobenzym Plus (2 am, 2 pm), Fish Oil (3.84g), Scivation Xtend (14g), Biotest Hot Rox (4 capsules)
Caffeine: Y

Caloric Intake (cals): 1370
Protein (g): 137
Carbs (g): 106
Fat (g): 46

Water Intake:  ~10 cups

Stress (1-10): 2


Egoscue: N

Walking: None

Lifting: None

Lifting Session Calories Burned: None

Cardio: None

Cardio Session Calories Burned: None

Total Calories Burned: None

Overall Energy throughout the Day:

Energy was ok…not great, but ok.


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